Wild, Free and Known by God

What an amazing title. What an amazing retreat. Last weekend I attended the ladies retreat from my church. I was looking forward to the time to meet with God, and I came with a teachable spirit and a heart desiring to be surrendered to God. And God showed up in powerful ways.

From the small details to the accommodations to the prayer time and the sensitivity of each of us to the work the Lord wanted to do in our hearts it was amazing. So what was amazing about the weekend?
> We gathered and our hearts were in unison.
> Each of us came with anticipation of something wonderful.
> The teaching was real, clear, and practical examples of faith
> We laughed, we cried, we prayed, we shared, and it was with a heart of confidential trust.
> We were able to be vulnerable and it was safe
> We were accepted for who we are and Loved by our savior.

So what have I taken away from my time? I have asked the Lord to lift the load of my worries and cares, to calm my heart and assauage my fears and just love me, pursue me without restraint.
I must confess in my own strength the fears reappear 0 then I am reminded that my life is not my own, and I surrender the struggles back to the Lord.

The butterfly on this page is a reminder of the beauty of the retreat found on the decorations, name tags, our booklet. It is also a reminder of the transformation that the Lord is doing in my life. Caterpillers and coccoons are not so attractive, but through a transformation process the most beautiful and incredible butterfly emerges to fly and show off the beauty God has created it to display. My life feels a bit like that caterpiller now trapped in a coccoon – struggling, unable to do what I once could do, and unable to live life as I have… but the transformation is not complete yet. The struggle of this time is preparing me to emerge with a new beauty, a new depth to my soul and my spirit.

“Lord, I thank you for women who love you, and are eager to grow, to share the struggles, and pray through until you have seen the process through. I want to be wild for you, free in you and I am so thankful that I am known by you. In this time of sorrow and suffering may I continue to surrender each moment to you. I give you the fear that rises in my soul, and ask that you will replace the fear with your presence, be my strength, and my wisdom. Pursue me and love me deep in my soul so that I can know you more, grow in your character, and be more conformed to your image. I love you and thank you for your grace and mercy in my life. In you I trust because you are good. Amen”


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