Shifting gears

I am probably like at least a million other middle class baby boomers… grew up in the post world war 2 boom of economic prosperity where there were tons of jobs, and we watched as our parents finished their 30 years with a hearty hand shake, a letter sincerely thanking them for their years of faithful service, a gold watch, and sometimes a big dead turkey for dinner. I remember thinking as my dad retired “hmm, 30 years seems like a lifetime, but if he could do it then so can i.”

OK, wake up Barb!!! It is not the age of beaver cleaver, and employers no longer honor or respect long time service. In a recent article I read human resources experts tell us that as you get a new job you should begin immediately to start your search for the next job. Yes, that is what they are saying. I have heard it since I became unemployed…..

And the current economic climate is a challenging place for an over-educated baby boomer like me. The 20 somethings that are now running the world look at us as though we are a liability, an insurance risk, potentially able to consume far more than our fair share of the benefits. All I can say is how short sighted that thought is. We the baby boomers of America bring a stability, and a strong work ethic, a loyalty, and several decades of experience and skills to the table.

Ok, i got that out on the page, but that said, I am learning something about myself. I am learning that my parents hard wired me to believe I must work for someone to earn a paycheck. That is perfectly wonderful and for 30 some years I have followed them in this path. But somewhere in May when I learned I would not be given back the job I have adequately done for all these years something in my heart and mind shifted. It is a shift that i am still working out in my heart and my mind. I would like to use my skills and talents and raise up a new business. The big E Word – Entrepreneur. According to Wikipedia, “an entrepreneur is a person who has possession of a new enterprise, venture or idea and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome.”

I have several ideas, and a half baked business plan, and some trepadation, but a willingness to move forward. And each and every time I have taken a step out, the Lord has blessed it, given me good feedback, decent contacts, encouragement. But then the hard wire stuff kicks in, and I find myself wondering what i am doing. A lingering voice reminds me that start up of business is slow, and the money is not enough to cover life. But the risks are worth the effort.

So the war in my brain continues. I saw amazing success as an emerging artist at the Tremont Arts & Cultural Festival last weekend. My crochet plastic bags sold well. My hand dyed silk was passed over by all but one lovely woman who was thrilled to purchase the one piece I absolutely loved and called Monet’s Garden in the Rain. So thank you for that vote of confidence.

So I have turned my thoughts back to the Lord, and asked him to keep my mind in perfect peace, knowing he holds all things in his hands.

Monet's Garden in the Rain – To see my scarves please check out facebook at the following address:

Lord, everything is yours. You have given each of us specific gifts and talents. May you show me how you want me to use this package of gifts, talents, education and willingness to glorify you. I am resting in the promise that you will never leave me, nor forsake me. And I am resting in the knowledge that you are ordering my steps. Be glorified, give us wisdom, and meet our needs. Amen”


3 thoughts on “Shifting gears

  1. Doing sales, I’ve seen the ups and downs. Not wanting to see things continue to get worse have motivated me to be creative at finding new avenues to generate sales. Outside the normal dealer related items, I’ve gone to outside sources to resale items that were not available to me a year ago. Aftermarket radiators, charge air coolers, fuel tanks, a/c parts, etc. to name a few. Lord willing it will help and seems to have done so as of late. These are troubling times to be sure. It only reminds us that with struggle people can be resourceful. From the sounds of it, your doing just that and doing so with what God has gifted you with. May He bless you. Take care and God bless.

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