How long is your memory

This morning in church the sermon was challenging… our lives are finite – limited, and we will pass from this life one day. But he demonstrated a very fascinating, and sad fact – 5 generations from me will not know my name, or retell my story. I will have become a vapor, a mist like the fog…. gone from human remembrance… wow. I waited for him to develop his thought… and he did. “Take out a piece of paper and write down the names of your grandparents” he said,…… easy enough to do I thought and I quickly wrote down both of my grandparents names. “Now write down the names their parents” – and i could not. “Can anyone name your great grandparents?” Looking around there were a few hands. “How about your great great grandparents?” Even the few people who had it together for the 4th generation back could not go on… they did not know the names of their grandparents grandparents. So how long is your memory, and how long will you be remembered? Seems sad and so very limited to say our lives come and go, and in a short few generations any knowledge of who we are is gone… gone. Wow, we are a lot like a vapor, and it is gone. But he reminded us of one hope… we will never be forgotten by our creator. He will remember us always. And there is the hope.

Until this morning I have to tell you that crossing the half century threshold has brought me to a place of thinking more about the mortality of my life. In this life I have seen tragic death of young people, or unexpected death of otherwise healthy people. In those cases death was not planned, expected and seemed to leave us all robbed of that life. But with the aging process, and those funky new aches from doing physical things I sense a limited nature of this life….and i wonder if I have lived a life that has been good, purpose filled, or changed something in this life for the good. I liked the challenge given this morning – to live a life of purpose, to live a life that will not only do good, but honor God, and point others to God. May that be my story.


2 thoughts on “How long is your memory

  1. Wow, Barb, a lot of food for thought. I was thinking about mortality too the other day, as I do more often the older I get. Thinking that I will probably live to see my oldest grandson get married and have a child, but probably not get to see the youngest one get married. And the ones in between, questionable, since there is such an age gap b/t the oldest the the rest. Sobering, and a bit sad.

    • But underlying all of this is one thought that is hopeful… this is not the be all and end all of our existance… this is bootcamp for a greater place – heaven. That is what is keeping me going…. Don;t get me wrong… I love so much about this life, but this is temporary. so very temporary.

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