will it ever be different?

Ok, if the title sounds desperate please allow me to explain. No despiration, but just eagerness to move on… just move on with life.

Many of you will know that I was laid off my primary job at the beginning of summer. While I made many attempts to bid for open positions at this institution, all came to nothing but frustration. So I resolved to move on, look for work anywhere I can, even considering leaving health care all together…. but the market is tough, and the jobs have dried up. So i continue with the part time job. The part time job has wonderful people to work with… they are kind, and nice and always encouraging although we all withstand some fairly frustrating and repetitive dialogue with a crowd of people that lives at risk with their health.

Yesterday in my email box was a message from an old professional acquaintance telling me of an open position at this institution. She thought of me first. wow- this is interesting . So I went to place a bid and got a greeting that I have not been in my role for a year and cannot bid. Oh, yeah – they redefined our positions… and it looks like i have only worked 3 months there instead of 2 years. Great…. so here we go with the hidden landmines and pitfalls of the institution. Will it ever be different? Will this institution ever find a way to not throw up roadblocks and obstacles for some people while blatently patronizing political friends, nepotistic hiring, political protectionism…. Hmm, there is alot to pray through here…

I plan to figure out a way to bid anyway… I will keep you posted. And I plan to pray for clarity on what to think… keeping you posted on that too.


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