Waking up

Wow, another soul searching sunday sermon…. Am I lukewarm? Am i not hot, not cold, but a distasteful blend of the two that doesn’t please God? Am I?

History lesson first – Lao dicea was a city in Turkey which was an early christian community. There were no natural wells or sources of water to this city so water had to be brought in. At a distance there was refreshing ice cold water from mountain snow melt… and it was brought in by aqueduct. Likewise from another direction were hot steaming pools and this hot water was piped in via the same method…. unfortunately as these water sources traveled to the city the cold got warm, and the hot cooled down. The water picked up sand and debris as it traveled to the city… where it was distasteful, and disgusting to drink…OK – so you see where this may be going….

Some of us are very hot – eager to obey and follow God with a great zeal, and others have very little interest in God nor is there a desire to figure out what to obey…. and then there is that subtle creep from one temperature to another. Not hot, not cold…. but luke warm.

Wow, I can remember a time in my life when I lost sight of my own life, and was stretched thin helping others, doing things, and just busy…. seeing that I could be an answer no matter what the question…. and then it happened… a little time off, a little time away, a little more time away, perhaps a hurt feeling, or a sense of not belonging, and I withdrew from some things… then more and more…. And my desire to respond to the needs i saw, and the call to obey God became lulled, subdued, and there I was …. lukewarm.

Sunday’s sermon was an honest and frank wake up call that this life is short, and how I choose to live will all too soon be over. I want my life to count, to have an impact on the world, but most of all I want my life to be obedient to God.

So Lord, here is my life. I am not my own, but I am yours. May you take my life and make it pleasing to you. Show me how you would like me to live so that I am not lukewarm.


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