Gratitude, and giving thanks

This time of year brings me to a place where I am counting my blessings, and thinking of what I am grateful of. Partly because it is a good practice to be in, and partly because i want to have something to discuss at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Today I found a blog that captured a new challenge – spend 30 days writing down what I am thankful of.

Yes, I surf the blogs, and often there are amazing thoughts and ideas out there. On the blog titled “Grey Matter Life” came this idea of writing down 30 days of gratitude. You can read her blog at

So here is day 1 of why I am grateful:

+ I am grateful for the gift of life. These 52 years have so far been a great adventure, filled with wonderful joys, and deep sorrows, but I have been alive to know them and embrace the adventure of living.

+ I am grateful for a wonderful, loving, strong husband who is a great companion on this journey.

+ I am thankful to know that above all else God loves me and has called me to follow him.

More gratitude listing to come.


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