Thankfulness – Day 4 (Second Chances)

This thankfulness project is good for me. I have realized I do have something to say every day, and it would be something different each day. I like those kinds of challenges.

So today when I woke up and let the dogs out I was captivated by the sight of a squirrel trying desperately to bury something in my rain garden. Frustrated that I had released the hounds unwhittingly and disturbed this activity the squirrel darted from my yard, over a fence and was safely away from beagle destruction. But there, in the raingarden was a plump freshly falled acorn. We don;t have oak trees close to our yard… so this little acorn traveled some distance in the watchful care of my friend the squirrel. I picked up the acorn and pondered for a while where it could have come from… realizing I was holding an object lesson in my hand.

This year has been a series of changes, of losses, and victories, and transitions. The way I lived, thought and functioned at the beginning of the year has been hacked away much like an ax to the trunk of a mighty oak. As things have been removed from my life i had a profound sense of loss, yet a clear understanding that this change is ordained by God, to bring a clarity of purpose to my life. That acorn rested in my hand, reminding me that mighty oaks know they have a life span, and one day soon they will become someone’s furniture, house or warmth in a fire. But that little acorn also reminded me that there are new starts for the oak… opportunities to begin again. Like the acorn, my life is again a seed ready to germinate into a sprout. I am thankful for second chances and the opportunity to begin again. And I am thankful that God does not toss us out when we appear to come to an end of ourself…. that is where he takes greatest joy to do a new work.


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