Thankfulness day 7- (memories)

Day 7 and i am remaining faithful to my pledge to blog something daily. What can I say today…. Thankful for memories.

This may sound odd to say, but today my husband received a call that the mother of an old childhood friend has passed away. Interesting how a name brings a flood of thoughts, and memories. Funny thing that our mind acts like an old warehouse…. we know the thoughts are in there, but which box on what shelf and in what part of our big warehouse. Some memories transport you back to times that were simple, and the biggest challenge was getting through school without the teacher noticing the bubble gum, or the freedom to hop on that new bicycle and peddle around the block a hundred times with the breeze blowing through the pigtails. Winded and dripping with persperation from that work out I can remember flopping onto the couch and smelling something wonderful cooking in the kitchen, the sound of the radio tuned into big band and mom hopping around the kitchen to the beat of the music. I was sure that we were in for a feast prepared with love and care. We can all remember the first time we sat behind the controls of our parent’s auto, and they coached us on how to start it up. I remember the kindness and patients of my father as he jerked irratically to my lead foot on the break. And what about the many famous firsts of our lives- first date, first car, first job, first love… Even the ordinary routine of life was filled with memories that still live in those dusty boxes of our thougts.

Today when the news came of the death of this woman we both found ourselves remembering things about her, her family and the neighborhood we were part of. It is a gift to find memories of times passed that have etched upon our thoughts. I am so thankful for them.


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