Thankfulness – day 8 (routine)

I am very visual. When I think and write I lke to paint an image that helps define the thoughts I have more clearly. On today’s thankfulness radar screen is the joy of routine in life.

I have always thought of my life as either a precise high speed train line, running with efficient and time oriented perfection; or of a clunky old railroad that has many sputters and crashes often. When I think of high speed train I think of european streamline trains with time tables that are exacting and precise, so much so that people say they can set their watch to the train arrival and departures.

As far back as I can remember life had an order to it… a time to go to bed which was very often not negotiable without some persuasion, and a time to go to lessons, to school, etc. Adult life has maintained a structure, defined by the work day and committments however not as regimented as my youth.

It was only after I lost my job to this economy that I realized how much routine is essential to my life…. and that occassional treat of sleeping in a little longer began to look like a new routine. Some discipline lapsed or melted away…. and I began to look like that clunky railroad service that crashed in the photo above.

So I have dutifully returned to a routine in my life, seeking a healthy and normal bedtime, rising early even when I don;t have to and finding ways to organize my days so that they have a structure, and purpose again.

There is something fundimental about routine in life that comforts me, gives me a sense of contiuity of life even when everything else around me is changing. So I am thankful for the joy of the routine like doing laundry on mondays and meatloaf on thursday. And I am thankful that the routine of our life gives a structure, bones if you will, to our life.

Like many other things in life you don;t realize what a difference they make until life changes. I am so glad to return to a predictable routine. Structure is a good thing I am very thankful for.

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. – Psalm 90:12”


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