Thankfulness – day 12 (sisters)

I am by birth an only child. That is important for you to know because I do not have in my stocks of knowlege an understanding of sibling rivalry. I have never handled practical jokes that are a routine part of my husband’s birth family. And quietly I have always felt a part of life is missing… because whether you love them or not, siblings share that common bond of a shared life experience. They have stories of life events and a history together. I have always wanted to have a sister because I wanted another female around my age to share life with , someone who could give wisdom and advice, and someone who would look for me for this also.

What my birth family did not offer has been possible thanks to the Lord with good friends in my adult years. I am so thankful for those friendships that seem deeper than friendships. It is those rare friends that are closer than a sister ever would be… Friends that have cried together, bitched about things together, drank coffee, ate gooey bakery, and cried more, praying through the hard stuff, and celebrating the great joys of our lives. I have discovered the safety and shelter of these sisters. Special women who have shared life with me but who don;t share the same genetic birth family. Trustworthy women you can share the deepest and most vulnerable things with are very rare. But when you find one it is a priceless gift… sisterhood!

So I am thankful for sisterhood in any form, and in my case, the opportunity to share life with women who are loving, caring, and wise. Thanks for the opportunity to be a sister and to learn that delicate balance of confidentiality, friendship and trust.


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