Of Winter and Weather, and Cleveland

OK, i have processed over a half century of life here on the great north coast which means I am a veteran of rain, hail, lightening, thunder, snow, driving winds, lake effect snow and all the joys of what we have always know as WEATHER.

To borrow from another slogan, Weather Happens!

Why is it that Clevelanders forget immediately how to drive when the weather turns cold and the roads begin to ice up or collect snow? I will agree that it takes a moment of recall on that first snowfall to remember not to slam on the breaks, and to add a bit more distance from other cars, but really, how hard is it to remember these skills from week to week? To those of you who have superb driving skills that adapt to the changing weather – i salute you.

And another small frustration tonight – What is going on with the news media in our fair city? If you had no experience with snow, or cold, or wind chill or lake effect they would completely panic you into never leaving the warmth of our home. Am I alone in being bothered, no – frustrated, that these voices of meteorological technical skills and education act like chicken little and have us all running scared. I would love to know your thoughts. Does this bother you?


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