Life is best when it is simple

This year we have been all about the idea of simplicity… keeping things easy, quick, simple, stress free. This weekend was about that. We worked hard to cater a large dinner, but it was a simple meal, good company, great friends, and it was simple – simple is good.
We visited friends last night, and a hot cup of tea and some good munchies accompanied a wonderful conversation around the fire of their living room stove… simple is good.

i am writing this because you need to know that my life has never been simple…. i have been the one who wants the extra bling, that outlandishly complex meal, that overdone christmas decore, and anything over the top. until this year. It finally occurred to me that all the embellishments are what frustrate me, or give me anxiety, and simplicity removes that issue. I like low stress, easy living.

So as you look around my house, you will not see all the bling this year… we are keeping things simple. And i am at peace with myself that i was not pressured to overdo. Simple is good.


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