Greetings to a new year

Welcome 2011. I am so glad to see the old year become history. And yearn for a year filled with promise and hope. It is so funny that we segment time into years. Even more odd is my penchant for believing that on New Years Day there is going to be a sense of change put in motion that will affect 365 days.

In reality I have always thought of new years day as a fresh start for my life…. a time to get organized again, to redefine my life, repurpose it, or to find new momentum to do what i have procrastinated over the last 365 days.

So as we greet this new year I have simple hopes for it. My hope is that each of us will celebrate our life, and find satisfaction in the daily living. May your new year offer you the peace and prosperity to see through this next 365 days, and may you find joy in the journey through this adventure we call life. Happy New Year!!!


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