Do you make resolutions?

A new year, a new set of resolutions for you? This year i have ambivalence toward the idea of listing an assortment of best intentions and hopes that quickly crash as unrealistic or impossible.

But I know myself, and I am the type of person that needs a sense of structure in my life. If I don;t set goals I will probably procrastinate them indefinitely. So this year i have set a simple list of realistic, tangible, and practical. Here goes my short list:

I purpose to live in the present, and not fret over the future, or obcess over the past. It has been too easy to let events of the past, or fears of the future derail life now. So a few gray hairs later I realize I have wasted away so much time and lost precious life with my focus in the wrong place. The past is the past- it will not change. The future will come, and it will be what it will be – i have little power to change the future either. But how I handle this time, right here, right now can make a difference on both the past and future.
I purpose to love more sincerely, honestly and without distraction. I will not let all of the surroundings of my life affect my relationships with those I love and value.
I purpose to be more wise in picking my battles, expressing my opinion, or throwing my talents into the mix. 2010 has taught me that sometimes you can have everything right, but you are not the right person…. so to throw yourself into that situation is the definition of insanity. People will always have preferences. I may not be that preference. That is ok, that is the battle is to have the discernment to understand when I am accepted and wanted – and when I am not.
I purpose to be more healthy – my thought life, my physical, emotional, spiritual, financial self. This is the year to get everything in better shape.

So this is my short list. It is a simple list. And it is a list of things that I can use to filter each and every moment of my life. I am really hoping this year;s resolutions will become a part of my life and will not end up in the ash heap by midyear. I will keep you posted on how this is going.

And I would love to hear how you are handling 2011 and what your resolutions are. Please feel free to comment.


One thought on “Do you make resolutions?

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