This last year of my life has intensified my understanding of how essential to life it is to be vulnerable… to bear it all, and allow the very core of my soul to hang out there as an honesty, a truthful willingness to allow my life be visible and seen by all. I have to admit part of blogging is that essential need to expose my thoughts to an audience, however that actual vulnerability is something that has often challenged me, or scared the stuffing out of me. But i know that is how i have to live… opened, honest, clear, and able to easily articulate where I am.

So that said, I was spending some time today looking at videos on… ever done that? Some varied thoughts and talks… some of which completely escape me, others that resonate deeply… and here was one that jumped right into my face. I know nothing of Brene Brown, apart from what she has said in this talk, but most of what she said spoke to me… and I hope you enjoy it also.

So what are your thoughts on vulnerability? Do you care deeply, and believe honestly that you belong? I would love to know what you are thinking, and what your reactions are to this talk.


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