Torch Enameling

I have been in love with art since i was old enough to hold a crayon, and discover that I could scribble in colors with it. Expression released through various methods is just wonderful, freeing, intoxicating to me.

So I have dabbled in different forms of art… some have been instantly wonderful, and other forms looked like they will take years to master.
But one thing I have admired from a distance but avoided was enameling. I just love the idea of a glass glaze on metal… the shimmer and shine is usually wonderful and expressive….. but I always believed I would need an expensive kiln and an anheiling cabinet and… $$$$$$$ the dollar signs rang in my head…. so i put that idea on the shelf. Until today. I was reading an article on torch enameling…
and it appears that all i need is a torch, a small fireproof station and an endless supply of creativity, copper and enameling powders….. ooooooh! The funny thing is this peaked my husband’s interest. He had remembered doing something like this in art class as a child. So perhaps the birth of another artistic endeavor is upon us.

Have you ever done torch enameling? If so do you have any hints or thougths that would make this go easier? If we are able to get this together i will certainly post the outcome here.


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