creativity discovered

I get this magazine on working with beads – an art called bead weaving is the primary feature of the magazine, and the artists create amazing pieces of unique jewelry… it is what i want to do when i grow up!!!! Over the weekend I began sinking into the magazine, really enjoying it, relishing the projects and articles…. and then i read a one page article on the featured artist. C Koop. She designs beautiful beads that are copper based, with fired enamel coatings. Vivid, vivacious, lucious color, and crafty design. then the ah-ha moment happened. This woman was another story of following your passions and turning creativity into a business that is growing.

Check out her web site:

Perhaps it is just that my eyes are opened to entreprenurial spirit, or perhaps it is more pervasive than i ever noticed….. I love the idea of turning my passion to my bliss. How about you? Do you feel you have something out there that you want to do? long to try? would love to make your living doing?

I will ask you what I ask myself every day – What is stopping you? How bad do you want your dream? How much are you putting your energy into your dream? Do you believe? Are you willing to take a risk?

My heart and my soul crys “YES!!!!!” and i am trusting that my financial setting will follow.


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