The Rain

So here i am, at my computer looking out over the front of the house and everything out there is damp, soggy, rainsoaked, and there is an eery cast of gray in the sky. I am really craving blazing sun, and the brilliant colors of spring with trees and bushes and flowers popping with color…. i am craving that sense of renewal of life, of the return of the birds, and the wonderful fragrance of lilacs, and hyachinths. But the lesson is that these wonders are made possible by rain soaked gray days like today. Without the rain nothing will grow. In these times when the sun is mysteriously shrouded by the clouds everything is building strength for that brilliant moment of glory.

So the question is this- Why do i hate rainy gloomy days? Because i love the rare place when everything is right, and the sun is shining and the flowers dance in my yard with glorious color and fragrance. I want to live in the sunshine. But life tells me it will come. I must just wait and trust.


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