Rolling forward

Steve and I signed up for a three day seminar on business management, strategies for sourcing out financing, and wealth creation. What an interesting first day it was. Woven in the many discussions was a theme that I personally have been wrestling with – Courage. The speaker said something about either we are motivated by fear to stay where we are, or we are motivated by courage to step out and move forward. Fear… I can so relate to the idea that fear keeps us restrained and resigned to doing what will pay the bills, but not necessarily what we love, are gifted to do, or what energizes us. I am not getting any younger, and what I have been doing all these years has so very much seemed like Bill Murray’s movie “Groundhog Day” – get up, do all the same things, go to sleep, and wake up the next day to do it all over again. Yikes!!!
Perhaps since 911 there has been a restless awakening of something in me that wants more from life than a mundane routine. Yes, predictable routine is a good thing but there is no risk, no adventure, no stretching outside your comfort zone, and definately no discovering what is hidden away deep inside each of us. After the loss of my brilliant job at the hospital I began to understand that this was not a bad thing, but the answer to my hope to be stretched, and to discover some of those hidden characteristics that I have been wired to bless the world with. But like a frenetic maniac, i initially lunged forward in a series of fits and starts, defying my graduate school business education logic. What I did had some measure of success. But there is something to be said for wise planning, and careful research. At the heart of anything there is a decision to either live in fear, and let that fear shackle my feet or make the brave and courageous decision to move out, to roll forward and discover new territory.

Today, in the midst of this seminar I heard him speak of how a decision to be courageous, and step out of the comfort of the routine is not for everyone…. but there is something wonderful about it. What have I to loose…. and what have I to gain?

Another amazing thing one of the speakers said was that we are put on this earth to bless each other. and every day when we wake up we need to think about how we can serve others, and bless them. I realized that I cannot bless anyone until I get my heart and mind in the right place. And then it hit me…. I have been loving being the art gypsy. It has been refreshing to see happy people enjoying life, and our offerings blessing them in different ways. I have a joy in my soul when I am using my hands, and my creativity. And I see a new life coming back to both Steve and I. We are finding a joy that was smuthered under layers of job stress, and career pressures. But the good news is the layers are melting away, leaving us more free to pursue what we have been designed to do on this earth. What exactly is still a work in progress, but I want to say that I want courage. I want to defy the odds and wade out into the territory of adventure, and watch as our faith and our joy both grow.


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