Art as a life’s work

I admire those who began their work career jumping headlong into one profession, knowing they were designed for that purpose, and carefully honed their education and training to do this. I am not of that ilk.

My life has been a grand adventure with a series of course corrections, reinventions… and all wrapped in the pursuit of purpose, and the desire to be satisfied that my gifts and talents are used.

My life of this past year has been another course correction, and change of purpose and use. I am slowly building a lovely business that utilizes the artist within… hand dyed silk done in the Japanese style known as Shibori. It is quite a fascinating process and I never quite know the exact outcome of the colors and designs. It is a great joy and surprise to unwrap and untie the silk when the dye has dried… and there it is.. the pattern emerges, and the dye surprises me with unexpected patterns, or color blends. Always amazing to me.

I began my art gypsy career by upcycling plastic grocery bags into handbags, and totes… and can honestly say I have employed my first person to help me make the yarn. My 7th grade neighbor has lots of time on her hands, and she is amazingly crafty… not to mention that my offer to pay her for her work has spurred an increased interest.

Lastly I have discovered how fun it is to crochet wire, and weave beads into bracelets and broaches. My latest discovery has been something called Viking Knitting.

If you are interested in seeing pictures of my work, or want more info you can find my art blog at:

and my etsy page at:


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