People of the World

Over the years I have subscribed and unsubscribed from daily email updates on various things. I love to read. I love to learn new things. And I am fascinated to see how from two humans (Adam and Eve) we have diverged into such variations of people groups, cultures, beliefs, dress, food, etc. The world is filled with variety.

One of the more interesting emails I have subscribed to is a part of the Joshua Project. The goal of the Joshua Project is to document all of the peoples of the world, and more than that, determine how exposed to Christian faith these peoples are. The site provides an email each day about a different people group, where they live, what they believe and some interesting detail on whether or not there is a christian presence in their group. While our world has grown smaller and smaller with the internet, the information revolution, and technology; the world is still scattered and many people are guarded, or have placed barriers to communication.

Check out the website – and subscribe if you think this might be something you would enjoy. At least visit the website and expose your mind to the amazing variety of people groups our world has to offer.

and if you are interested in subscribing to the daily email


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