Looking forward to lunch

Almost 4 decades ago there were three junior high girls that became friends… sharing a love for reading, and art, and chess. We were almost inseperable… in every class together, spendng time on the phone together, and spending time after school.

Flash forward 4 decades and you need to know that the three of us each went seperate ways. One of us moved away before high school, and each of us scattered to the wind, losing touch with each other for these 4 decades.

Two of us have reconnected several years ago, and keep up with occassional lunches and emails. The third of us recently discovered us on facebook and the result is lunch this thursday. Wow…. that should be an interesting time filled with memories, and stories of the life span between those moments 40 years ago and now. I am looking forward to that time, and wondering what it will hold.

And quietly i am amazed that each of us has wanted to reconnect with each other. That friendship, that bond of fourty years ago, was something of value, of treasure, of purpose to a formative part of our lives. I hope we can pick up the friendship and move forward again as adult friends.

i will keep you posted.


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