Greed – it is a word we were all raised to hate. It is one of the 7 deadly sins. Greed – webster defines this as “An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth”

Greed – It is the elephant in the room in our generation. We all know this is the underlying factor of so much of the instability of our country, the business market, and the financial woes of our nation.

Greed is not new. Greed is that shiney piece of forbidden fruit. Greed is that hunk of information that puts you in control. Greed is a very old sin. It is as old as Adam and Eve in that garden.

And greed is cyclical – like so much of life there is a pattern of repeating, of ebbs and flows, like the tide of the ocean. Everything repeats if you give it enough time. The economy is up, and then down. Fashions change and things go in and out of vogue. Unfortunately in our day greed is very fashionable, worn by powerful bank executives, and business leaders. But this fashion statement is devistating to the overall health of our nation, and our world. The effects of greed – of hording money, power, position removes the golden rule from our society. We no longer do unto others as we wish to be done to us. The golden rule has been rewritten as “he who has the gold rules.” And greed has divided our nation into haves and have nots. There is no longer a solid working middle class to be the backbone of the work force. It is a world of consultants, and special bonus signing fees, high salaries, and limited possibilities for the rest of the work force.

Greed is that middle class lawyer who gets elected to congress and after just a few terms in office is a multi-millionaire. Greed is the greasy palm of the lobbyist bearing gifts that can’t be turned down. Greed is steering laws to benefit friends, rather than advance democracy. Greed is tacking on wasteful spending projects to perfectly logical and well crafted legislation.

Greed is that hospital management that prefers to hire a friend with political clout with a plane ticket rather than the well qualified local candidate they didn;t know. Greed is slimy. Greed is toxic. Greed is destroying our very nation, and not surprisingly Greed is what took out the Roman Empire. Is America far from that fate?
So why is greed so difficult?


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