What are you thinking about?

OK, its 5am and I have been sleepless tonight, but my mind has been filled with so many thoughts. So what are you contemplating today?

Is it a joyful thought? Great – I want to rejoice with you and celebrate your joy. Life is filled with so many things, but the joys of life are worth celebrating…. small or large, take time to celebrate your joys, and dare to celebrate your friends joys!

Is is a sorrow? I am there for you… lets sit quietly and say very little, or you talk and I will listen. Life is hard, and we each need some safe place to go where we can grieve and cry, and know that we are among friends and it is safe. I have grieved over many things and I am a good listener.

Is it a worry? Let me tell you what my mother always said – Worry is not worth it… often a good night’s sleep and a healthy prayer will open your eyes to a new view of the situation.

Is is distress? So many people are deeply distressed these days… turn to something that makes you happy, or gives you joy…. like a quiet walk with an old friend, or that cup of coffee to catch up with someone, or that bubblebath. Try not to ever let your life become so overrun with distressed thoughts… know that the nature of life is to know times of difficulty. Everyone goes through it.

Are you lonely? Reach out, call someone, or send an email, text message. You are not alone. You are loved, and you are a treasured friend. If i fail to call you please call me.

Are you super busy? Breathe…. take a deep breath and find small stolen seconds in your day to escape the stress and hustle. It can be simple things like purposing to just sip a cup of coffee, or tack a postcard of someplace you visited and loved… those 30 second vacations are an escape for a short time, but they will help you keep your sanity.

So that was what I have been thinking about tonight… it all boils down to finding the upside of thoughts and remember that we are not alone in rumbling through this life. Think good thoughts, and know that there is one who thinks you are so valuable that he died for you.


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