Ten years later

I have wondered how we as a nation are doing with the 911 tragedy, and about a month ago National Geographic announced a series of shows dedicated to retrospective and prosepective looks at this day that changed our nation forever. OK, I wanted to hear the George Bush interview because I felt that he showed a wisdom beyond his years in his firm and yet comforting presence after the events unfolded. And yes, i wanted to see how these memorials were coming.

I was not prepared for the film footage of planes hitting the buildings, and of the towers crumbling, of the people jumping from the buildings or of the memories of the eerie silence in the sky when all planes were grounded. But i sat there, watching it, and the dvr was set to record these things.

Now i think i have a new perspective on the 911 event. It was horrific, and in the age we live in, it was replayed until our brains and our emotions were numbed. And the media is doing it again – placing these tragic scenes in front of us again and again. What do you think the widows and widowers who lost their loved ones on that day feel seeing this relived? Does it open raw wounds and scars again? I think it does.

And I am suggesting that with more sensitivity we can remember this tragedy without inflicting new emotional scars on our nation. The terrorist are only achieving a new level of terror when the film plays over and over. Lets get healthy, and put those burning buildng, jumping people, crumbling buildings and burning jet fuel images in a vault, and seal it up. Lets remember the loss of life, and the heroism of so many. Lets remember that we have a core value in our nation that pulls many people together. Lets remember that we are strongr than any acts ofcrazy desporate hate filled extremists and lets move forward.

As for me, the dvr has been cleared of all of the recorded segments on 911 except President Bush’s interview. That was powerful, humbling, honest. I have a deep new respect for the strength and courage in his leadership that day.

One thing that i don;t remember having been said was that after the towers came down there was an eery silence, except for a huge amount of electronic cricket sounds. These were the sounds of each of the first responder alarms going off under the rubble… each cricket noise was a human – a fire fighter or police office, trapped in there, perhaps dead, perhaps alive. When that footage played and they explained this i was gripped again with a flood of tears and emotion. Such as sad loss of life.


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