A gift

Have you ever visited Ted.com? It is a repository of all sorts of amazing information, talks, theories, explanations, and good things for your brain. Tonite i was visiting that web site and listening to various video talks when i stumbled upon one. Intuitively I knew this woman was going to tell us that the gift she is discussing would be something devistating, life altering. Yes, indeed she told us her story.

So the question is what gift has been given to you? How has your life definitively changed from what once was, never to return to that sense of normal? And how are you coping with it?

As you know, the loss of my full time job, and my husband’s has resulted in a profound sense of loss…. which is now giving way to a sense of the wonder of a gift that our life is taking new turns. That gift of loss of one career direction has opened creative paths into a new place we have never been before. And by faith we wait for the next step in the journey. But I can say tonite that we are both learning to take the gift that life (and God) hands to us and lean into it.

“When life hands you lemons don;t make lemonaid, lets make a lemon meranque pie!” – Steve Bloom


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