Christmas Reflections

As we approach Christmas something deep inside begins to stir… a hunger to look forward to the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus. Lets set aside all the commercialism with all of the shop till you drop, spending over our limits, and wrapping it all with the best frill we as Americans have associated with the birth of Christ and it comes down to that one still night in a stable in Bethlehem. One still night, filled with the sights and sounds of a barn, and the noticable presence of animals.

Now if you know me you will know that I have never been a mom, and at my age still have an apprehension of babies because they look so fragile. But I would have imagined that a feeding troth might not be the best place to lay a newborn down for a nap. Everything about this one still night reminds us that God loves us far more than we could imagine. He sent the best he could offer from heaven to give us hope, encourage our souls, and redeem us from a life of dispare.

Dispare seems to be in the air alot these days, with the challenges of our economy, high unemployment, and a news media that feeds us with stories of discouragement. If you a re approaching this christmas season and feel discouraged please know that you are:
1. loved beyond what you can imagine by the god that created you.
2. life has cycles. If this is a discouraging time for you wait and pray because it will turn around. If this is a good time for you then by all means look around and reach out to someone who seems to be struggling with this season.
3. your life has great purpose. Each of us have a purpose on this earth. Some will cook, others will heal, and some will fill our life with the beauty of a good book or wonderful music, and some of us will offer our friendship, companionship, smile, hug.

So these times are challenging ones, but we have a choice on what we focus on, and how everything will affect us. This christmas it is my prayer that you will remember that still night in a stable, and remember that gift God sent wrapped in swaddling clothes. Remember that you are loved, and you have a very special purpose to be the best you that the earth ever saw.

Merry Christmas!


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