Greeting the new year with hope

Hello 2012! This new year is off to a running start, and i am finally sitting down to think through and write something about the first of the year.

I will tell you that we greeted 2012 with a wholehearted hope that this new year would breath new life into our finances, and to our employment situation. We hold out faith that our flegling business will continue to grow and build. And we take a deep breath while we whisper a prayer of thanks that we have a God we can lean on, and trust for our future.

We gladly turned the page of 2011 over, not wanting to face some of the challenges we lived through during that year. Now there were amazing and wonderful things that happened last year. Sadly, there were also nail biting times when we were not sure how we would make ends meet. (truthfully, sometimes we could not even find the ends!!!).

But there were super God-sized moments when we could not explain how the money appeared for our mortgage, or bills. One amazing time was just such a God-thing that I have to brag on how only God could intervene – We realized when we sat down to pay the bills that we had only half the money for the mortgage payment that month. I picked up the phone and called the bank, lump in my throat because i was humbled and embarrased by this statement. The guy at the bank said “Hey were you paying extra on previous payments?” Why yes, we were. “Well, you know that unless you have exactly the amount of the payment we do not apply the difference, but we hold it in a special account and there is $452 in that account. How much are you short?” I fell silent, shocked, stunned, humbled by the amazing way God took care of us. We needed $451 to make our payment. When I told that guy on the phone is was also silent for a moment and said – “Lady, sounds like this is a little miracle for you. Good for you.” We sat at that desk, staring at the computer thinking how incredible that miracle was. And it was only one of the many times we sensed the intervention of God.

So I have made no new and magical resolutions this year. I remain firmly resolved to steady the course, continue to search for employment, and continue to build our business. And in the middle of this grand adventure I purpose to keep my heart and my mind guarded from worry and fear.

This was the theme of 2011 – do not fear! And i have learned that often a situation can look ominous, threatening, and down right scarey, but the truth is there is probably a different way of looking at the situation that reveals a promise, the hope, and the God sized miracles that do happen. Having experienced so many of these – I want to keep my thougths guarded from running to fear because that is exhausting and so not worth it.

If you are out there reading this, and thinking that you have had a tough year and you are ready for the upside i want you to know that you are not alone, and together we will get through anything… the key is keeping our eyes on the Lord, and our hearts filled with the courage to not allow the fear to disable us. That is my prayer for myself, and for you.


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