Why bother with movies?

I am asking myself why i spent money to be frustrated by voilence, large doses of occult practices and sexual inuendo. Friends invited us to join them to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie… and without knowing anything about it I presumed it is the old standard who done it detective story featuring of all people Sherlock Holmes. While I was not wrong about the lead character it was the entire story turned on its darkest possible ear that i paid the privelege to endure. Smathered between unnecessarily violent episodes of killing, poisoning, stabbing and flying bullets there was a plot. But it was a dark and shadowed version of what was once a literary classic.

Now i am not so naeve to believe that movies are friendly to christianity, but i likewise don;t understand the insatiable need to paint movies in a dark light, and embrace fortune tellers and the use of tarot cards. Was that even necessary?

Now the only thing I can say to anyone contemplating going to see this movie is “dont waste your money.” And it is going to take days to get the images of destruction, death and violence from my brain.


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