The most dangerous weapon

is the tongue. No, not the fleshy muscular structure in our mouth, but the words that come from our mouths.

Last night our Kidz Church lesson was on the power of words. I am still thinking about the idea that everything we say can have the power to build someone up, or crush them and kill them. So my question is how are you doing with your words? Are they breathing encouragement, life, strength, and purpose to someone. Or are they breaking them down?

Our words can do many things. Think of the moving written works of authors like Hemmingway, or the wonderful theatre productions written by Shaw, or the poetry of Elizabeth Barrett Browning… Emotions drift as we hang on each word, waiting to see what character development, or plot turn. Our imaginations soar and roam through places we will never see with our eyes.

I hope today that your words are sweet, and that someone shares that same compassion with you. That is my goal, and i think that is one of the reasons i love to write.


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