Momentum is building

It started with a series of phone calls to my cell phone…. it grew with the content of each call…. inquiry, interview, follow up interview, and finally a job offer. A Job Offer – it was as powerful as that crack of lightening in a dark sky. Those phone calls ignited a new fire in my soul – A new hope that I have something to contribute to society, and do not need to live underemployed and poor for the rest of my life.

But when i accepted the job i still was numb… these past 2 years have been mind and soul numbing in many ways. Often those flickers of hope were mere mirages, that gave way to rejection letters, and returned me to the search, the hunt for work.

But when i put in my resignation to the part time job it was like another lightening strike – this time it consumed my dispare, leaving in the ashes a renewed longing for the future, for the hope that God promises. My resignation felt like the shackles that were around my feet and hands had been removed. Like all good things there is the bittersweet – and that is the people i leave behind at my old part time job. For the last 2 years a majority of these women and men have been wonderful cheerleaders, encouragers, the voice of hope. They became my sisters and brothers… the bond grew strong. And they accepted that my time there was short – i would be moving on to full time work as it came up.

In the wake of my resignation I received a flurry of calls, and emails wishing me well. How humbling to know my time with this little part time job was worth it… Now my prayer is “Lord use me in this new venture – crack open new opportunities to build friendships, and good work relationships.”

Thank you God for this road you have put me on. And thank you for igniting the joy in my life again!!!


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