Friendship as sisterhood

I have written before, but today again i am reminded how wonderful and rare good friends are. I had lunch with a good friend who i used to work with. We have not seen each other in perhaps 5 months, but the conversation picked up right where it left off. There was a genuine spirit of care, and of concern about life. We went through our basic exchange of information, which gave way to how life really is. There was safety in sharing truth, of honesty, of candor that only good friends can have. And then it hit me again – if i had the opportunity to have had a sister it would be her. Someone who is there, honestly guards the fragile thread of trust that has allowed us to develop a friendship. I am so thankful for the sisterhood of my friends who have been there, allowed me to cry on their shoulder, and who have allowed me to be there for their times of struggle. And I am so thankful that we are also there for the triumphs, the celebrations, the victories. Yes, we are fighters who will never let life throw us to the floor for long. We are strong in the Lord, and the power of his might. And we are strengthened by the cord of friendship that makes the fight easier.


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