Living this side of the cross

Easter puts everything into perspective.  It is so clear what happened…  The false trial, the railing accusations, the mob scene, the brutality and violence, death after arduous suffering.  And the faithful few that were there to the end.  Taking him down from the cross, preparing for burial, a donated tomb…a stone, rumors, a roman guard posted, and women finding the open empty tomb.

All of this must have been something more than they could understand in real time.  I wonder how i would have held up under the news?  Living by faith is something i want to do but that i still need practice with.  Would i have been like the majority of his followers choosing to hide and fear for my own life?  Or would i have been more abiding in faith and trusting that what Jesus said would be so?

On this side of the cross with amble proof of the claims i see the purpose and the plan.  But i am reminded that i must still live by faith for my own life…and believe in what is promised and not in what i see.  I am still a bit rusty with my living by faith muscle but trying to keep it working.  How about you?


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