Spring and renewing hope

What should I write about  today, I thought .  I’ve taken my lunch on my new job and I’m sitting in a quiet place .  The area were I am is very park like was beautiful trees, landscaping and lots of bird activity .  and there’s a gentle perfume in the air on spring flowers and budding trees . Ah spring, that’s what I need to write about .  Spring, not just in the physical sense of the seasons but in the spiritial sense of the new season in my life .  it has felt like 1,000,000 years since I’ve seen the colors and vibrance off spring in my life .  I know the colors have been here all along however  it was just my eyes but could not see them .  the past season of my life was a deep winter of sorrow and stress and challenge and  a lingering sunset struggle . it was a time of deep growth underground in my soul where is was not visible on the surface.   But like that returning spring season there is a new vibrant color to the life in my soul .  I know that life is something that was long expected eagerly anticipated.   The old friends of winter are still there and the memories on freshness of the struggle linger on.   But there is the new vibrancy and eagerness to see what is next in my life .

so as I look at the colors of spring I think austin of how my life has changed .  yet in the changes there’s no there’s newness that seems familiar .   I like the simplicity of my life these days .   thank you lord for what you’ve done in my life  and for what you’re doing now .


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