Challenges of this life

recently I wrote about a friend who was diagnosed with cancer .  his health has remarkably declined  so much so that he’s in the hospital and hedging toward hospice.  as a group of us gathered and sat with him yesterday it was challenging to see how much pain he was experience .  apart from kindness  like backrubs and encouragement in prayer there was a little we could do to ease your suffering .   I can only say that my heart is heavy with the thought that he may not be with us much longer . on the flipside he is coming closer to his home going to jesus .  the freedom from pain suffering the stress of this life and the sims card world we live in is real. 
I’m not sure why I don’t keep in focus the truth that heaven is real and passing from this life to the next just means slipping loose from the bonds of pain and suffering .  falling into a deep sleep here on earth and waking to a renewed, regenerated, sin free, and in the presence of jesus . that’s the hope we share .  that’s graduating to a wonderful eternal state .

Now don’t get me wrong- I’m praying that God’s will would be done, that he would heal , that he would restore and he would regenerate all that the cancer has taken .  sometimes god chooses to heal on this earth and other times it to turn on healing .

I also felt like um I was sitting in the presence of someone like job.  and I did not want to say anything inappropriately like jobs friends .  we shall all cross the threshold of this life 1 day and I’m not sure we’re ever prepared to walk with friends  on  this part of the journey home .  find as brothers and sisters in the lord we do walk along side, we pray and we assure them that they are loved by god and us .


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