This road we walk

What a beautiful morning to walk up to sunshine, and the birds singing their praises to the Lord.  They were quite vocal today, and it struck me as i sat down with my bible how all of nature freely sings praises to the great creator.  It is so easy to do that on days when the sun is shining down, and the wind is blowing a warm and gentle breeze.    My thoughts turn to a big field, running is a field of wildflowers, celebrating all that is created by our wonderful God.  There is something special about just drinking in the beauty of nature, the sweetness of every detail… flowers, colors of birds, fragrances in the air, or utter silence with only the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind.

John 16:33 b: “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

Those rolling fields of wild flowers seem to have turned to a steep mountain pass, requiring total trust in your guide, knowing that the ledge is narrow, and set high on the precipice of the mountain. There is something both adventurous and windsome in following the Lord where he calls us.  I want to keep praising and thanking him for each step…. because this feels like he is doing a deeper work in my soul.  Its not about the terraine (the conditions surrounding me) , or the emotions, but a complete trust… surrendor and trust even if i have no clue what is next.  But this current life situation still feels like a very narrow and technically challenging mountain pass. 

I am not a sports oriented person, but in our early years of marriage I remember Steve returning from Marine war games with new found skills, and i distinctly remember one sunny summer day when he was bound and determined to teach me his new found mountaineering skills.  I must tell you that i have always been adverse to heights.  I like my feet on flat ground, and sometimes even wince at looking out the 2nd or third floor window.  So, dutiful young bride musters great courage, and obediently follows Steve’s directions on how to find “foot holds” and “hand holds” and together we climed the cliff.  Not so bad, i thought, and then i realized we had to go down the same way.  OMG!!!!  With the assistance of my husband and a Park Ranger we found a less extreme trail

Something in my soul shouts out – OK, Lord, if it is climibing mountains that you want for my life, you know the mountains, and i will follow you closely so my foot does not slip.

Faith often requires a complete trust in what i do not see, but in the truth that is written in the bible.  There are far too many promises written that speak of how we are special, chosen, loved, and yet we are like sheep – dumb, slow to learn, creatures of habit.

I can tell you today that my prayer is not that our adventures in economic setback cease, but that the Lord would refine his work in our lives and he would lead us where he wants us to be.  Because in His presence is fullness of joy, and at His right hand there is a pleasure forever more!


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