The power of words

We are working through the sermon on the mount at church, and again the teachings are breathing new life in my soul.

Sunday the passage was Matthew 5:33-37…which my Tutor Study Bible titles ” the law of oaths”.  this is a very familiar passage which I have read many times.  And I have heard many teachings on vows, primarily heated to the idea of honoring your committment….if you day you will do something then it is critical you follow through.

But yesterday’s teaching was different.  They asked if you had ever said something like “I will never do that again” or “I will never let that person hurt me again.”. These are vows.  More than statements, they are words telling god how you will live.  And in the spiritual realm they are also a way for the enemy to set up strongholds that reduce the ability for god to work.

So I sat in my pew thinking, praying, asking god what I had said that might fall into this category of an incorrect vow.  I thought of a few, prayed, confessed the words, and disavowed them.  But it seemed like something else was in there.

This morning I sent Steve off to work and sat down with my journal, bible and settled in….”ok, God, what else did I say that wss a vow and don’t remember?  Tell me please!”. I went on to my reading and there ot was.  “You said you would never work for a bank again.  You told me how your life should go.  And it should be the other way around.”.  (No, I did not hear voices, just strong impression of this thought.).  So I prayed, recanted that statement, and finished my quiet time.

So here is the crazy stuff…a half hour later my phone rang and it was a headhunter who I have been talking with.  “Hello Barb, how would you like to start work tomorrow?  Your resume matches their nerd, and oh, by the way, it is at a bank.”. (Akward silence) “Matt, did you say a bank?”. “Yes, and the hours are Monday-Friday 8a- 5p”
Pay was better than hoped, location convenient, blown away.
There have been those times in my life that I see a direct change in my situation when something that was wrong in the spiritual in corrected…and this was one of those times.

I am amazed at how powerful words can be…and how they can block progress.  Who am I to tell god what my life should be.


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