What vows are we telling ourselves?

A week ago the Sunday sermon was on the passage in Matthew 5 about making vows.  I have heard many teachings about this passage in terms of keeping your word, or promise…but that Sunday I heard something new to me.  They asked “what vow have you made of something or someone that has affected your life…for example ‘I will never eat carrots.'”. She explained that after 2 years in Senegal she remembered saying on the plane ride home “I will never go back there again.” It was a difficult 2 years, and she said she could never imagine doing that again.  She came home and felt like life was just not the same…  And at a conference someone challenged her about these inner vows…vows made quietly, often to one’s self.

During the sermon I knew I have made these inner vows….and the crazy thing was these bows block god’s ability to work, and give a foothold to the darkness.   Yep, I think I see that.  So I spent that Sunday taking inventory of my life, and confessing the vows that were wrong.  Monday morning I sat down and asked god to show me what else I needed to confess….  Now I don’t hear voices, but I had a profound sense of this: “you said you would never work for a bank….is that still true?” No, ofcourse I will work wherever the door opens….in fact I am happy to scrub bathrooms if that is gods will. 

About a half hour leter the employment agency called and his opening question wad “Hey Barb, how would you like to work for a bank?  Oh, can you start tomorrow?”. Overwhelmed that a simple act of obedience could open a new door of employment I gladly walked through.

And the job feels like a good fit.  On the 3rd day they asked for my resume (I am temp now), and today I had a set of interviews.  So I am hopeful they will like me enough to hire me.  At this point I am grateful that I am employed, and that the environment is professional.   Who knew that telling yourself things like that would hold back gods work.   So what have you said as a vow?  And what do you think is holding you back.   Confess it and let go.


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