Listening to old friends

We were up early to drive friends to the airport this morning.  Aaah, fresh morning air, low angled light and a world still snuggled in bed. 

We have known these people since the early 90s, sharing a friendship built on our common faith in God.  Today when we picked them up the conversation turned to thoughts and hopes of their future that will be a drastic step from the life they currently have .  they talked of a move to out west, and a complete change in the career and ministry there involved in .  I realize at that point all I can do is listen .  I wanted to speak and share some of ways god has moves and what he  has done in my life these last 3 weeks .  there was no room in the conversation for me .  They needed to speak.

so I prayed to god for wisdom because I don’t want to be upset  I’ve missed an opportunity to share the miracles he has done in my life .  I believe the lord told me to just listen and be silent .  perhaps that’s the one thing that we all need is a good listening ear .  it so difficult in our world to actually have people take time to listen not only to your words but to listen to your heart .  Under that veneer of spoken words there are so many more things going on…emotions, pain, struggle for acceptance, hunger for truth, or just the human need to be understood.

So what was I hearing from them ?  excitement, emotions, fear, apprehension, the desire to be accepted for the ideas that are in their hearts,  us to bring on willingness to hear anything else , and a heart that wanted prayer for all of this .

this was also the first time in their marriage to buy for the 2 of them wanting to do something together .They married later in life and were very set in their ways of chew their ministry and job .  Unlike steve and I, they never merged other interests and phat common ground in ministry .  we have prayed for years they been married but this might be something that burns on her heart .  working together as a couple on a project or on a ministry is so exciting because we eat look at the activity from our own perspective how to watch god move together .  I’m thrilled and honored to see that god is starting to answer that prayer .  but the new prayer is that god would show them clearly what their direction should be on the greater prairie they would honor and listen to it . 

A lesson learned.  Listening has a price.  It costs me the right to speak, and it allows me the priveledge to hear and take what I heard to god in prayer. 

We don’t always have to tell people everything about our life for god to move.

But a prayer request-  I heard the guy saying “by this date I will no longer be doing what I currently do”, “By this date I want to move out west.”. Fresh from my yielding my words and vows to god, I wanted to encourage him to not make self vows…but there was no opportunity.  Prayer is the answer.


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