I got into work early today, thinking alot about that day 11 years ago when the work day started out normal, usual and predictable, and ended with a large death toll, and a national tragedy.  How very sad that day was for so many people.  It was a day where we were glued to the tv sets listening, watching and reliving those moments of horror over and over.

So we are 11 years down the road, and I wonder if we have healed from that heavy blow?  Our nation showed signs of patriotism, yet our economy has tanked.  We have gathered around those who grieved, embraced them, walked with them, cried and prayed with them, and read their books.  We have sent our brave military into harms way to defend our freedom, and watched as so many came home in memory only.  Lives have changed, how we live has changed.  We are always a bit more suspicious, questioning, judging the situation.  That lasse faire way of living is gone. 

911 will have changed us alot.  We are a more united people in some ways, yet fractured, divided by ideological, political and economic lines.  While the greater good that day was to gather everyone together and walk through the reasons our nation is great, something seems to have further slipped.  Politicians are all corruptly wanting to serve themselves, not us.  Greed and that self serving spirit still rings out in our nation.. And those who make lots of money continue to do so, while a lot of people are unemployed or severely underemployed.  Jobs have vanished… suddenly there are few million more people than there are ways to be employed.  And so many people have developed a mindset that they will take what the government gives out, an entitlement mentality. 

How have we bought so many lies.  911 was the wake up call, to challenge us to return to the core values that made our nation the strongest and most powerful one on the globe.  These values included the idea of “the greater good”, sacrifice, hard work, human dignity, honesty, and delaying gratification.  For those who founded our nation the sacrifice was the ultimate – seperation from family and heritage of England for the new founded republic meant life would never be easy, and there would be a fight to build a fledgling republic.  For those who gave their sons and daughters to the civil war there were moral and spiritual ties that bound us back together.  We united in our belief that there is a dignity for every soul, and freedom is worth dying for.  How about the immense infrastructure that was layed in our land… within 40 years nearly 3/4 of all of the train tracks in our nation, bridges, and urban cores were developed with hard work, sweat, elbow grease, and a selfless need to advance our nation.  And we brought about the greatest road system in the world because we loved our automobiles, and wanted easier roads to travel on.  My parents generation buckled down in the great depression, stood up and fought, or worked in a factory during WWII, and came back to a free world, settling down to a new construction bungalow they would live in the rest of their life. Not bigger, better, even bigger, and even better.  Nothing wrong with buying a big house, but the issue is contentment.  I learned from my parents to settle down, live more simply.  Live within my means.

America is 11 years farther down the road from that fateful day, but i wonder if we have not slipped backward 100 years in how we are living today.  Lets return to a day when we can bring job, hope and a return to a moral core back to our nation.


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