Thinking more about prayer

“You may as soon find a living man that does not breath, as a living Christian that does not pray.”  Matthew Henry

Prayer has been on my mind so much these days.  As a constant companion, prayer offers a way to work through, talk through, think through the rough and tumble life we live.  I talk to God because He is:

  • More trustworthy than anyone, God listens, and gives his wisdom.
  • Better than a counselor or shrink, He gives us clarity, purpose and hope because his plans for us are for good.
  • Stronger than anything or anyone, He can overcome any obstacle, and tells me he will never allow us to be seperated
  • Wiser than the most wise human, His counsel is always right and always good.
  • Loving and merciful, He will tell the truth, and walk with us through anything, holding back the wrath we all deserve
  • Gracious, He gives us what we do not deserve
  • Able to move mountains, He is able to change even the most bleak situation, or change our thoughts about it.

Over the years of my life prayer went from something written down by the ancients that we memorized and repeated…. like the lords prayer, and the catechism.  Good words, sincere words, filled with great truth.  But they have moved to a fluid conversation with the God of the universe.  I think God delights to hear us pray these written prayers, but I bet he smiles when we just talk to him with our heart opened, and the facts spread out, not holding back with the raw emotion that comes with this life.  

“Satan trembles when he sees the weakest Christian on his knees.”  William Cowper

That said, I have made a decision to take more time to pray, and to write more about prayer… what i have seen and what i am learning.


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