Super Storms

Hurricanes, floods, high winds, record threat to life and limb – the news media has been whipping us all up to a frenzy to prepare, to go out and buy survival supplies, generators, and the like in preparation for the Super Storm.  Not sure why i react like this, but I often wonder if the event to come is as catastrophic as the media paints the picture of.  Sometimes they hit it on the money, like Hurricane Katrina several years ago… in fact estimates fell far short of the total destruction that we say.  Sometimes it is a lot of talk about something that comes and goes and is not so major.  But then I saw the radar photo, realizing that all the rain we are getting is a wide swath of the hurricane… Cleveland is not close to the Atlantic Ocean, so imagine the breath and width of this storm.

And then I thought about the passage about the disciples in a small boat… with the storm churning up, and they began to fear for their very lives.  This super storm is nothing any human can control… it is a fearful thing to imagine the sheer volume of water, the high winds, the wave damage all would hit on a full moon, with tides at the high tide mark.  But what can we really control.  We can be like the men on that boat, fearful, anxiety ridden, clammoring for any shadow of hope.  Or we can look to the God who created the weather, and seek his peace, knowing that even the weather is in his control.

I dont like Super Storms.  Does anyone?  But I am thankful that I know the God of the weather, and nothing escapes his loving care.



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