Countdown to Thanksgiving – 14 days


A few years ago i tried to write something each day that i was thankful for.  Once you get going it is very easy to find lots of things to thank God for… and this has been an exceptional year of praises for the ways God has seen us through.  So in the count down to the one day our nation stops and thanks God for all that we have been given and blessed to stuart I am challenging myself to be disciplined to write something every day until thanksgiving.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. – 1 Thes 5:18


Thankful for God’s Provision

Until the layoffs, and the financial tsunami we experienced I never had want for anything… if i needed it, i bought it.  While price was a consideration, it was not a stopping point.  If there was a need I filled it with whatever i could procure.  Time, talent, goods, whatever.  I had always thought of this as how God provided for me.  But in many senses i was banking on that good job, big paycheck and bottomless credit card, not so much on God.

Since the crash in our lives we have had times when we did not know how something would be paid for, or where the money would come for simple things like gas in the car, or a repair… but it has come.  I am so grateful to live by faith, waiting on God to open doors, provide financially, grant us the ability to pay for our bills, and provide work.

Many of you know the miracle of my getting a job in June after a month of no income in our house, and the savings down to $26 total in all bank accounts.  Only God can bring these glimpses of his glory, his love, his power, which were utterly missed when i was so self sufficient.

Thankful that this life is pared down to a simplicity – no more lavish spending, or extravagant adventures, but a kind of starting over.  I have to be honest in telling you that i still struggle with that change from having it all to wholly dependent on God’s provision, but i would not change a thing.  Every day holds a new challenge, creativity with the finances, and i am reminded of what a great example my mom was of penny stretching…. which was something i fought for a long time.

So for my first post of thankfulness – God’s Provision is what i am focused on today.

Lord, You have seen us through times of plenty, prosperity and joy, and times of hardship, shortage and challenge, but through it all you know my basic needs and thank you for not only meeting them, but blessing me with more than enough.  Thank you for changing my outlook, my purpose, my plan to yours.  And thank you for being the one who provides all.  Know that I will never take it for granted nor will i run to trust in big paychecks or fat checking accounts again.  All things come from your hand.  I just want to say thank you for your provision, and thank you for never leaving me alone.  Amen


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