Thankfulness – 13 days to Thanksgiving

Today i am returning to think about what i am thankful for and my thoughts turn to people.

Thankful for God’s People

Our lives are not as rich when we are alone… friends weave a tapestry of thoughts, ideas, emotions and blessing into our lives.  Funny, but i have been realizing how little expressions, quick comment words, of friends have stayed with me.  Part of the process of living is sharing the journey with others, being there to encourage them when they are down, and celebrate the joyous events – like births and marriages, promotions at work, milestones in life.  I am so thankful that God has placed people in my life that are there for me, just as i am there for them.

“Let love be without dissimilation.  Abhor that which is evil; cleve to that which is good.  Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another.”  – Romans 12:9-10

Before i could write about people i want to take a moment to thank God for his friendship.  Knowing each and every breath i take that i am not alone, but have the all powerful God of creation walking with me makes this life bearable and possible.

My husband is a strong and faithful man of God, who leads our home in a wonderful way.  I am thankful for his faith, his love, and his friendship all these years (can you believe we have been married 32 years this past may?  omg)  As i look around it seems less common for people to stay together, challenges and all.  It is all too common to see strife, and challenge that ripples into the lives of everyone that they know.  Character shines brightest when it is tested most… and i am so thankful for his character and wisdom.

I am an only child, so the thought of sisters is a relatively foreign concept, but i love how friends have embraced me as a sister – sharing the good and bad of life in a safe place, knowing that what is said stays there.  In those moments when life crashes in i am reminded by good friends, sisters, that life will look better tomorrow, the sun will rise again, and the new day promises the brightness of new hope.  In the difficult times, when i have little to give it is then that i have learned who my friends are… and i am thankful for their strength when i am weak, encouragement when i am not, and wisdom when i am far from clear thinking.

For a family – while i am the only child of parents who have gone on to heaven, i am grateful for the family(not by birth, but by choice) that has surrounded me.  Coworkers that are closer than some of my family ever was, and church family that makes me feel a part of something greater than myself.

At the heart of my thankfulness today is this – People are a blessing.

Lord, thank you that you have not left me alone, and you have not left me abandoned.  Thank you for providing a soul mate in Steve, and for good friends that are closer than sisters.  Thank you for a sense of belonging both at work and church.  And thank you for the gift of friendships, some far too short, and others for a lifetime.  May you bless all the people that have crossed my path,and may you multiply blessings to them.  Thank you especially that you are my closest friend, knowing the details of my life that i would never give voice to, understanding my deepest thoughts and yet loving me, and pursuing me.  Amen


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