Blessings and Thanksgiving Wishes

Tomorrow is the one day Americans pencil on the calendar to remember and thank God for all he has done.  As a christian i am so happy to know that this is a national holiday, however i worry that the day has become a day of filling ourselves with food, overstimulation with football and endless ads for shopping earlier and earlier, now encrouching on our one day to take a breath, thank god, and be with family.

My plans are simple… quick visit with family, then on to dear friends for a visit, then home…. I remember the many years when i gathered the family together, and we found a way of stuffing 20 people around the table, survived the hectic frenzy of getting house and table ready, food cooked, china washed, silver polished… and it passed in a flurry… leaving dirty dishes and an empty house.  I miss that time… when my parents and Steves gathered with Steves brothers and sisters… we were a family, looking one another in the eye, sharing our year, our joys, our lows, but family.

These days my parents have now been in heaven 20 years, Steve’s dad is passed, his mom is in Indianapolis, and the siblings a re scattered across the globe.  We say hello by phone, but it is just not the same.

These holidays often are a warm and fuzzy set of memories wrapped in a bittersweet blanket that changes everything.  I have thought alot about change…. how i am not such a big fan of change… how i had hoped some things would never change… Thinking back to our table filled with family and friends I loved those times. I loved the faces, the conversation, even the odd exhausted feeling of being up all night with the bird, the details, the planning, the fuss… just to make it special for others….

But change has meant this is not our plan now.  Somehow i think change has impacted your life, your holiday… and perhaps what you do for the holiday.  Know this… change does happen, and it is guaranteed to make the way we live now different,  constantly changing.  But know that there is a God who knows the very changes that have happened, and he has a plan to see you through, or to make your future even more special… but different.

That is my hope tonight as i think about what was, and hope for what is to come.  I still miss my parents, and the energy of a group of family and friends, but i know there is something new coming round the corner.

May your thanksgiving be filled with joy, celebration and a time to reflect on all that God has done for you this year.


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