The weight of knowledge

My morning reading took me to ecclesiasties today and a verse jumped into my focus:

Knowledge…the understanding of theory, fact, or deep insight into a matter.  The word is weighty, draws our thoughts to research, study, and education.

So when I read this verse today I found myself agreeing.  I thought of a number of situations that would fit this insight:  the doctor meeting with a patient to explain a cancer diagnosis.  Clearly the doctor had deeper knowledge of the physical processes of disease, and has seen this play out enough to know the future might be grim.  Or the president assuring a nervous nation on 9/11 that we will be ok when their face said different.  Or that military officer arriving on the doorstep of a mother to bear news of her son’s death in battle.  Knowledge is a deep responsibility that is not always pleasant.

We as Christians possess deeper knowledge of life, of hope and of the future. We hold insight that God has shared through his word. And there are times when this knowledge becomes a responsibility to pass on. Do those who cross your path know why you sing or endure hardship? Do they know the truth that they are loved? Do they know there is more than just this life? We have the knowledge…let’s share it.


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