The bible and technology

I discovered a new passion – having access to the bible 24/7 as long as my cell phone has power!!!!  Yes, there are a number of bible apps for cell phones, but I discovered YouVersion and just love it!!!!

It can be downloaded onto both android and apple phones, as well as tablets and pcs.  And here is what it offers:

Today – A bible verse of the day, which you can share with facebook or twitter

The Bible – Every book of the bible, available in 38 versions in English (i have not investigated other languages yet), including the most commonly used like King James, NIV, New American Standard and Amplified.  Some of these versions also allow you to listen to the bible by starting the chapter, setting your headphones in and Alexander Scorby reads.  The menu is a scrolling menu that first gives the list of books, then for that book the chapter numbers, then the verse number… as you select book, then chapter then verse.. the verse (or passage) will display.  It is scrollable, you can go back a chapter or forward, highlight a passage, write notes, and bookmark.

Reading Plans – they offer a series of different plans that give you a passage to read and some basic thoughts.  I have two plans in motion right now…. Bible Survey- Part One (which i have been working on since the first of the year), and I just signed up for 40 days of Lent – which is going to take me to Easter.  These daily devotions usually can be finished in 10 minutes of reading or less… i like to think it through, write some notes, highlight, so i spend more time.

Bookmarks – you can bookmark a number of passages, and quickly find them in the bookmark tab

Notes – If you keep notes there is a tab that indexes your notes

Profile – the information about you, your preferences… and you can even ask the app to remind you of your reading plan at a specific time of day.  I have mine set to go off 5 minutes after i am on the bus in route to work.  Like other social media you can develop a list of followers and people you are following. I have not done this yet, but you would find that here also.

Live – the live tab is for live events that you can interact with.  Have not figured this out yet, but it is interesting.  Looks like you can also create a live event… perhaps a virtual bible study with others.

Help – finally there is a help button.

When the big bible is not handy it is nice to know i am just a click away from my phone, and youversion….. you should check it out!!!


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