Be strong – Joshua 1


I love this read through the bible.  This year i decided to read through using an app on my smart phone.  And we arrived at Joshua chapter 1.  Joshua has been hand chosen by Moses to take over the leadership of his people, the Israelites.  They are moving toward the promised land, but have been wandering for years in the desert.  Moses has died, and Joshua is stepping into the leadership role.

I love breaking down the chapter, thinking through the passage more carefully.  Here are some of the take aways:

  • Joshua had a relationship with God – The first 9 verses of chapter 1 is God’s conversation with Joshua – here are the details
    • Moses is dead
    • You, Joshua, must arise and lead the people
    • Take the people to the promised land
    • Every place your foot touches will be yours
    • God has the power to give ownership of the land
    • God will give power over the inhabitants of the land
    • God will not fail or forsake Joshua, or his people
    • Be strong
    • Observe the law – follow it diligently
    • Don;t be afraid, or dismayed
  • Joshua responds by mustering his people and leading them forward.
  • The people honored and respected Joshua’s leadership by following him, blessing him, upholding his commands.

This chapter is the classic place we are taken to for lessons in leadership.  Hearing from God first, then taking decisive action, with no room for fear or discouragement.  But there is good solid wisdom to this model.  When we wait on God for his direction and calling we have clarity, and we know our purpose.

People look for a strong leader who is decisive, and shows no backing down.  At this point in the history of Israel there was need for decisive and clear direction.  The people longed to follow, yearned to take the promised land, and to find their rest from the wandering.  In our lives we too need clear leadership, that must start with hearing from God.  If the answer to your questions about life are unclear may i urge you to wait, wait until you hear from God and make your moves only after you have heard.  Like Joshua, there are great things to achieve, and the promise of success when we are in God’s timing, and yielded to his authority.


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