Thoughts on change

I have been trying to write something each day on facebook about change…. digging into the resources of my soul for thoughts I might compile the list of what I have written so far:

Change, politics and stress bring out two distinct features: 1. They show you who your true friends are, and 2. You learn what is in the depth of your character.”

I am so very thankful for the community of friends and fellow believers who have rallied around, and lifted their voice in prayer for us. God is sovereign and he has us resting in his care. Knowing we are not alone makes it all the better to get through.

Thinking about change again, the critical thing today is to heal the past, accept the present, and yield the future to God – Note to self – let go. Not in wrestling but in resting.

Since the news of my job loss I have heard from a number of people and in every case they told me clearly the critical thing is to release the situation to the Lord, and allow healing to occur from the past. I have purposed to want to honor God in my life, and move forward with

Life changes, politics and stressful times bring out 2 significant things: 1. You learn who your true friends are, and 2. You learn the true depth or lack thereof of character of others. Thank you Lord for friends who are kind and tender hearted. And thank you Lord for eyes to see through the fog to the heart of truth.

This life holds its share of beauty, but the truth of the matter is that this is but a way station on the road to the tru and eternal home I will go to. “By faith Abraham sojourned in the land of promise as a stranger in a strange country, dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and jacob, the heris with him of the same promise. For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.” – Heb 11:9-10

Change works to serve a purpose: It motivates us to keep our refrigerator clean, and our closet organized. This is a good time to do that with my life, and allow the time to reorganize, restructure and repoint my life.

Without change sometimes we would never fully grasp the grace of God, and the mercy he bestows to his own. Help me to know that grace, and not lean toward bitterness.  Amen”

Since writing this post, i pended it, and never published it.  As I reread this in light of my new job, and some stability in life again there was still a lot of importance to the message.  We need to be bendable, moldable, and adapt freely to changes that come.  One think that is certain is change.

And one final word – prepare.  Make plans and live in ways that will not leave you completely disabled if something goes away.  Prior to loosing my job i was tethered to it, it was my life line for financial stability. I never thought of other alternatives.  Today, post financial catastrophy i will tell you I have varied forms of income, some not dependent on an employer, and incomes from many directions.  Together they do not make up what i once earned, but it is more like a 4 legged chair – take away one leg and the chair will still stand up.

Embrace change, allow it to sweep you along to where God wants you to go. And accept this life as a grand adventure, not etched in stone, or carved in marble, but rather a living, flowing, changing thing.


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