Are you a reader?

Do you love to read and would you love to get a book here and there free to read?  I think i have news that might encourage your budget, and your reading self!

Thomas Nelson publishing has a program known as “”.  It is a website that you log onto, become a member (its free), pick a book from the available titles.  The titles change frequently.  The only conditions of the free book are these:

1. Read the book

2. Write a review

3. Post the review on your blog

4. Post the review on a bookseller’s website

5. Copy and paste that same review on the website

6. Read at least 1 book every 90 days.

Its free, and the selection available is ever changing… sometimes it is books that are fresh from print, other times it is a revised version of an old classic.  Fiction, NonFiction, kids books, bibles, and so much more.

Consider….. I love it, and have read some really wonderful books through this free opportunity.  Likewise i have read a few that were not so red hot too!


One thought on “Are you a reader?

  1. I love BookSneeze, NetGalley, Tyndale Blog Network, Bethany House Blogger Reviews, Blogging for Books, The Book Club Network, MP Newsroom (Moody Press). With a limited budget in our church Media Center, it has been a huge blessing to be able to get books from these great people and review them and then add to our Media Center for others to enjoy!

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